Developed project calendar in which the basic elements of each sign of the zodiac are three-dimensional models collected from five kinds of products by the customer. In the calendar there are elements of metal and transparent glass.

The calendar consists of:

  • Cover;
  • January (Capricorn horns metal, muzzle glass);
  • February (Aquarius – hand glass holding a metal ball valve);
  • March (Fish form fish of metal);
  • April (Aries – shape muzzle glass, horn, metal);
  • May (Taurus – the muzzle is made of glass, horn of metal products);
  • June (Gemini – two hands one glass, the second gas;
  • July (Cancer – form of metal products);
  • August (Leo Muzzle collected from metal products, mane from the liquid;
  • September (Virgo – the girl’s Face from the glass, hair from the liquid;
  • October (Libra – assembled from metal products);
  • November (Scorpio – created from metal);
  • December (Sagittarius – hand and an arrow made of glass, a bow made of metal).
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