3d modeling and visualization walls

Built three options walls displaying all items. In the present stage: concrete walls, insulation, bearing mounting panel. This work is complex with the creation of flat and pitched roofs in 3d. Rendered with the wishes of the customer and according to the design of the overall concept. If you are interested in the idea of…

3d modeling perfumes

Сreated NIRVEL professional perfumes. Visualization was performed according to the rules of the subject visualization. The subject has gray, black and white tones with a grainy texture of the bottles of 250 ml. The final visualization has the best quality in comparison with the example of a photograph, so the goal was achieved by the customer.…


The created project spaceport for reinforcement of the company. The elements of the scene: hangar; cosmochemical (in the form of a company logo); small spacecraft (also created by the shape of the logo); Robots with sitting in them by the people; hours for cranes; additional device support spacecraft; cranes; People in the corporate form.


Designed the layout of the glass with a cocktail in layers of red white blue red, umbrella, and a tube which at the end of the RJ-45 connector. In a cocktail or three ice cubes and frozen company logos. The project was created for an IT company.

Gift in 3d

The implementation of gift items in 3d. Any model be implemented according to Your desire: postcard; box; the subject with the tape; the package with the image; Christmas tree with gifts; Christmas toys. It’s not the whole list that we are ready for You to perform. You can order a 3d model of the gift…