Visualization exterior Kiev Rus

The model of the 16-storey building in Yalta on the street Kiev Stop in October with the adjacent territory. Visualization of the building is made according to the topography and the environment. If you are interested in the idea of a high-rise building exterior visualization, then you need to fill out the order form or…

Modeling of the exterior of homes with land

3d моделирование земельного участка и двух зданий по четыре этажа каждый. Так же на крыше размещены мансарды. За счет грамотного архитектурного подхода ни один элемент не остается без внимания и выделяет в целом все строение.


The project is a 3d visualization of the two-storey building in a picturesque place near the famous vineyards of the southern coast of Crimea. The whole project with its stylistic integrity well into the surrounding landscape, setting the style of this place. Private residential complex built in the Italian-Crimean style, as evidenced by its name…

Visualization of the cottage

Cottage in the village of Mishor (Crimea) was created to illuminate the object of real estate Agency “Resort real estate of Crimea”. This project was developed in 2010, but nevertheless, due to its saturated colors and positive feedback standing with the more recent works in the category of exteriors.

3D model Parking

Parking for trucks in the city of Mariupol. The aim of the project is the creation of a three-dimensional model of Parking and visualization from multiple angles for your presentation. Some elements were cloned as the project deadlines were tight.