Three-dimensional and low-poly models vysokopoligonalnyh for games and mobile applications.

I am ready to perform work on the creation vysokopoligonalnyh and low poly 3d models of static and dynamic character.


Ivan Mamulkin
Ivan Mamulkin

3d artist

Taking into account all the wishes of the initial stage of the work, which allows to reduce the time of delivery of works, the cost of projects and keep your nerves :).


  1. Characters

  2. Static objects of different sizes: the landscape, buildings, roads and other;

  3. Dynamic objects such as rivers, sea, cars, tracked vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, and others;

Development takes place in stages:

  • modeling;

  • unwraping;

  • texturing;

  • rigging;

  • export.

For more information, please contact in person at the contacts listed on the right.

Using programs


Card games Train
The animation of the robot
The 3d pose of the character with gifts
3d model robot
3d calendar lion
Three elements in the form of three girls