One of the key parameters when creating render a correct formulation of the light. One of the sources is necessary softbox. Its very easy to create out of the plane, but without additional modifications which I will discuss later is very difficult to properly configure the light.

To begin, you must configure the metric system go Customize — Units setup — Metric — choose the desired system variables (I use centimeters). Next up on the System Unit Setup button and repeat the same setup as in the previous window.


Is create a plane (plane) and a pacifier (dummy).

Remember, if you want to create a softbox to render maxwell render you need to put the number of polygons, one on each side, as on the rules of each polygon will create a beam of light lull in the parameters of the material.

Beyond that we choose a plane (plane) and tie them with one arm Animation — Constraints — lookAt constraint then clicking on a pacifier (dummy). In a little under the motion tab set up that would look as on the picture.


Now you have two points pointer softbox Dummy (dummy) and a light source plane (plane) in the same way as the camera appears with the bar indicating a pacifier (dummy).

Now you need to create material for this softbox. Open the Material Editor and create a new material MaxwellRefMaterial press the button new store it in a folder where you will store the entire project. You should open a window Maxwell Material Editor in it and set the material. Create content light right on the field next to the bsdf material in the list, select add Emitter. Remove created by default bsdf base material, right-click on the Remove selected him because we do not need it. Select the source material Emitter on the right side of its parameters are set as shown below. The tab layer tab texture picker adds texture Circle settings in the image below.

As a result, you get a soft box with soft edges. Softness can adjust the parameters Brightness and Contrast.