3d site is a reality.

In today’s world to keep up with the times for the leading companies is a must. To do this, create new jobs, and spent a lot of money. The result of these investments — the victory over its competitors and thus increase sales.

Modern man spends a large amount of their time on the Internet. And trying to find something necessary for himself, he would not read a newspaper or to call in help, because it suffices to use the search engine. But even here there are many nuances that will affect the choice of the person to buy anything on the site N or M on the site, use the services of F, or of L. And it is here that the most important point may be even a small change in essence, as a nice converter Rates for bookings on the hotel website. Indeed, in this case, the visitor does not have to turn to third-party resources, and do not reach for a calculator to determine the price of a room in an understandable for him currency.

In this article the concept of website design using 3d modeling. An example would be the site of the hotel on the Black Sea with the attractive title «Yacht Club.»
In order to attract new business, we will do our best to describe in detail the process of creating a three-dimensional site building.

The basis of the current site should be based on all the news web programming in order to facilitate use of the web resource, which is our main task in the construction planning before starting work.

И так проект под кодовым названием «3d site» был разделен на три части «разработка дизайна сайта», «веб программирование» и «3d моделирование».

Разберем их поподробнее:


Design is one of the most important processes to achieve maximum results. Website design, adjusting the final rendering, validation and refinement of the elements on the site, hindering the overall design concept is far from a complete list of the works carried out by the designer. Therefore, high-quality design — a guarantee of getting a spectacular site.

Web Development

The basis of the second part — the «Web programming» have been based on the principles of integration of new technologies java, php and HTML5. Thanks to this site has become the most simple and easy to use for people of any category.

3d modeling

Approach «three-dimensional modeling,» as part of the product on the site, was a novelty and it was decided to build a 3d entire hotel, the neighborhood and the interiors of the rooms.

Visualization of the facade of the hotel fell on the two main sections of the site: the home page and booking page. Once created the layout of the hotel and the adjacent territories were created rooms. Visualization was performed with multiple cameras. First camera we took the main stage (the angle for the front page) in order to plant that would interiors under this perspective. It had to be done so that when you hover the cursor on the floor where there is a particular room, the wall disappeared and you could see the inside.

But as the camera angle does not allow us to consider all elements of the interior, was created additional camera top view for each room.

Site update

Time is out of date website and the data it carries for a become irrelevant. At the request of the customer’s terms were as concise as possible.

Carried out the following work:

  • Creating interiors for the new rooms;

  • Construction of additional housing the hotel;

  • Update neighborhood.

As a result

The highlight of the site are:

  1. display the value of the hotel rooms in any of the three major international currencies (hryvnia, rubles, euros);

  2. Virtual tours for the rooms, which also was used for three-dimensional modeling of clear visualization of the floor plan;

  3. Displays online availability;

  4. 5 languages;

  5. And of course, the novelty — 3d poster.

In conclusion, it should be noted that not only the quality of the site plays a big role, but also the uniqueness of the project, which we are happy to offer you.